WCB Ice cream freezer WCB MF 50

WCB Ice Cream freezer

Freezing, mixing and whipping of mix and air to ice cream. Scraped surface freezing of other products.
The Technohoy MF Freezers are self-contained with built in refrigerant units. They are designed for use with cooling water up to + 25 degC.

Manufacturer: WCB Ice Cream A/S Denmark
Type: MF50
Model year: 2002
Capacity: 20 – 80 liters / h
Material: Stainless steel
Electricity: 3 x 400 v., 50Hz, 32 A, 9 kW
Refrigerant: R404A, 3.75 kg
Compressed air: 50 liters / min, 6 bar
Cooling water 0.5 – 1.3 m3/h, 30 L
Machine dimensions: Length 1200 mm, Width 650 mm, Height 1600 mm
Weight 600 kg

Cooling part
Built-in cooling system
Cooling cylinder
Closed rotor
Piston pump, valve
Rotor speed control
Pump speed control
Air flow

Digital display
Mass flow L/min
Air flow L/min
Ice cream temperature C
Mass quantity
Rotor speed rpm

The machine has been taken out of production directly after the end of the operation

Product specs

Product id

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