Turbovac dip tank with air dryer Turbovac TV40/60

Unused Turbovac Dip Tank - TV40/60 with air dryer

The Turbovac dip tank and drying units offer you the ideal solution to complement your packaging line.
Compared to vacuum pack / vacuum bags only.

The Turbovac dip tank offers wrinkle-free transparency and significantly better product presentation.
This is done by using heat and water to shrink the extra bag surrounding your product.
Adding a drying unit will improve your packaging line and make it easier to label your product.
Both machine types are designed to be integrated into the control of a vacuum packaging machine
or alternatively they can operate independently.

Manufacturer: Turbovac / Henkovac
Type: TV40/60
Year: 2017, unused
Material: Stainless steel
Chassis dimensions (LXS) 570x400mm
Immersion length 300 mm
The maximum height of the product is 250mm
Maximum water volume 70 liters
Maximum product weight 20 kg
Voltage 400V-3-50Hz
Power 2 x 4.5 kW
Weight 105kg

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