Hunan extruder Hunan fumach FMHE 72

We have for sale little used Hunan Fumach Twin screw extruder.

This extruder has undergone a complete overhaul where all electrical wiring has been refurbished, ABB motors, Siemens logic, etc.
The modification work has been done in Finland and the modifications have been given the CE mark.
The extruder meets all the directives required by the EU

Twin-screw Extruder FMHE72 which can be used for processing cereals, snack food,
Nutrition, rice protein, reengineering, Starch gelatinization, caramel, rice products, pet food, Aquatic product feed, etc.

Manufacturer: Hunan Fumach Foodstuff Engineering & tech. co. Ltd
Type: FMHE-72-24
Year: 2017
Production capacity: 300-1200 kg/h
Screw type: Twin screw, diameter 72 mm
Screw length diameter ratio: 24D
Screw rotation speed: 50—500r/min
Screw torque: 2100N.M
Oil pump motor: 1.1 kw
Barrel temperature: -20-300℃
Die temperature: 0 - 300℃
Main motor power: 110 Kw Die pressure: 0-25MPa
Cutter number: 1-4 pcs
Cutting method: Central plane cutting (optional: ring cut) cutter motor power: 2.2 kw
Cutting speed: 300-1400 r/min
Heating method: Steam/electrical heating
Heating power: Each 8kw for zone 2、3、4、5、6
Cooling water: Water cooling (water temp≤40℃,0.2-0.4MPa)
Compressed air must be oil free and filtered(< 5μm);adjustable working pressure 4-6 bar
Dimension: 5700×1400×3150
Weight: 6500 kg

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