Scholle IPN Scholle IPN CLS FC 80

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The filling station CLS is a special built machine intended for filling pouches assembled
with a clean Clic connector with various types of fluids.

The machine is constructed in such away that cleaning and operation are as simple as possible.

The filling staion consists of the following modules:

Lobe pump
Control PLC unit
Transport unit
Vacuum / Airblow nozzle
Filling nozzle
CIP system

Manufacturer: Scholle IPN
Type: CLS FC 80
Serial no: 16.CLS.134
Year of production: 2016
Control PLC: Unitronics V570
Electricity: 400 v. 50 Hz, 2.5 kW
Air pressure: min. 5 bar / max. 8 bar
Lobe pump
CIP washing system
Dimensions: L 1000 mm, D 1400 mm, H 1950 mm
Weight: 200 kg

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