Pinch valve Larox PVE 200 A1 203 L

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Larox PVE 200A1-203L pinch valve.

Type: PVE 200A1-203L
359-70645-160 x 200
P.max 10 bar
The operating principle of Flowrox pinch valves is simple. In the open position, the valve is at full bore with no flow restrictions.
During closing, two pinch bars squeeze the valve sleeve shut on the centerline.
The sleeve is naturally wear resistant and when particles hit the sleeveĀ“s rubber surface,
the collision energy is absorbed and released when the rubber bounces back.
Heavy duty pinch valves provide bubble tight shut-off even if solids have built up on the sleeve wall.
When compressed, any crystallized particles flake off the sleeve surface.
The full bore structure ensures free flow of the medium.

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