Automatic labelling machine Saturno T 1

Product specs

Product id
Labeling line for cylindrical products for total wrap-around labeling or semi-wrap-around.
Composed with conveyor belt with FIXED speed 20m / min and suspension with engine block.

The line COMPACT is available with only one labeling head with maximum label width range from 100-140-190 mm.
Ideal system for application on cylindrical products.

Manufacturer:: Epackaging srlĀ  ( Italia )
Type: Saturno 1 T
Year: 2018
Max label height 150 mm or options up to 190 mm
Electronic control unit for the head parameter management labeling
Construction Material: Steel and anodized aluminum
SPEED variable 0-20 mt/min
Standard width of the conveyor belt ? 170 mm
Standard length of the conveyor belt ? 1500 or 2000mm
Supply voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz
Engine type: step / step

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