Label machine ELF-50

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ELF series table top automatic labelling system is the smart choice when high efficiency and low equipment cost are the major consideration.

ELF-Series Table-Top Automatic Labelling System Features

Machine Structure

  • Belt Type Conveyor
    This labeller use imported industrial belt. It is much wearable without dirty easily and for long term life operation. It also could change over the suitable belt material depends on products.
  • Precise Sensor & Special Design For Sensor Frame
    Adopt to top level fiber optic sensor to precisely do products and label location without interference.
    Unique design for slide rail, it is much different from the poor design by general manufacturer.
  • Precise Labelling Controlling
    Motivated by Micro Stepping motor and controlled by Microprocessor system are enable to efficiently achieve ultimate accuracy.
  • Quality & Beauty
    The main structure is manufactured from S304 stainless steel with anodized process and high quality aluminum. It is complied with GMP standard that provides easy maintenance and for a long durable life.
  • Simple Adjustment For Labelling Applicator
    It provides a little or big wide adjustment by equipped with hand wheel mechanism for easy adjustment of applicator.

Operation & Functions

  • Easy Operation
    Electrical control system, easily operate, even for new personal, they also could learn how to operate in a short time.
  • 5 Lots Cross Memory Module
    Record the best labelling setting method for the best productivity. It is convenience for each production line of multiple products. Even for different person, it would also get into condition quickly.
  • Smart Label Length Setting Function
    Quick set counter for desired length and perfect positioning of label.
  • Missing Label Set
    Prevent product miss-labelled to ensure product accuracy while production and fulfill production QC procedure.
  • Four Synchronized Speeds Selection
    Enable dispensing speed and conveyor speed fully synchronized for the most precise labelling effect.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Modular structure brought to easy and efficient maintenance process.
  • Production Preset Function
    A built-in counter can either run freely keeping track of the number of products labelled to control the production or can be used in batch mode where the labeller automatically stops when the desired numbers of products have been labelled for efficient production management.
  • Strict Quality Control
    The labeller is tested by the European CE standard and UL perfectly meet safety quality regulations.


  • Supply voltage: 220/110 VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
  • Power consumption: 460 WA
  • Dispensing Speed: 16m/min max.
  • Applicator Height: 120mm
  • Label size: 120mm x 300mm max.
  • Conveyor Width: 160mm
  • Spool Diameter: 76mm
  • Dimension: 1100mm (L) x 870mm(W) x 600mm(H)

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