Weisser depositor Weisser AP 1040

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Weisser dispensing machine AP 1-040
Stainless steel
230 volts 55 watts
Operating Mode: electro
Dimensions: 800 mm x 560 mm x 1200 mm

Design: for filling and portioning of flowable products, such as: Pudding, yoghurt, quark dishes, jelly, applesauce, creams, jams, dressings, dips, mustard, ketchup, oil, mayonnaise, soups, sauces, etc.
for filling cheese cream in hot peppers, peppers, olives, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms etc.
With pump size 040, suitable for filling temperatures up to approx. 85 ° C
Portion weight infinitely adjustable by means of digital time relay
Pump speed electronically steplessly adjustable
Continuous running function for suction and cleaning purposes
Housing fully welded at top and side, power and switch cable outlet, and ventilation at bottom.

Good working condition.

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