Bottling machine Saidofill 1000

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The SVFA series piston filling machines are designed to dispense a wide variety of liquid and semi-liquid products and serve as ideal filling machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries. These kinds of pure pneumatic machines are completely powered by air, which makes them especially suitable for an explosion-resistant or moist production environment. All the components that come in contact with product are made of food grade stainless steel imported, processed by CNC machines, and the surface roughness of which are ensured to be lower than 0.8. 

SVFA series machines are controlled by compressed air, so they are suitable in explosion-resistant or moist environments. 

Because of the pneumatic controls and mechanical positioning, this series has a high filling accuracy. 

The filling volume is adjusted using screws and counter, which provides ease of adjustment and allows the operator to read the real-time filling volume on the counter. 

When you need to stop the machine in an emergency, push the URGENT button. The piston will go back to its initial location and the filling will be stopped immediately. 

Two filling modes for you to choose--'Manual' and 'Auto'. 

Equipment malfunction is extremely rare. 

Filling speed: 0-50 containers per minute
Filling Accurate: Within +- 5 % ( measured on dispensing WATER at larger than one
half of the machine?s maximum filling volume )

Filling volume: 100 ml ? 1000 ml

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