Siem liquid filling machine Siem RVP 12 / 10 / 10 V

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Automatic liquid filling machine Siem RVP 12 / 10 1 V

Made by Siem Italy (now a part of group).
Model RVP 12 / 10 / 1 V, serial #2334.

Contains 12 rotary rinsing heads, 10 filling heads and 1 capping head.
Machine shows only 1300 running hours.

Rinser is equipped with 12 28 mm PET grippers that can be changed to any bottle neck finishes.
Height of the is manually adjusted by a wheel.

Filling machine has 10 Pistons with maximum capacity of 2 liters.
No bottle-no fill function.

Constructed of stainless steel.

Comes with 3 sets of tooling for different bottles; 0.5 liter round bottle, 1 liter round bottle and 1.5 liter conical bottle
Comes with 2 cap feeding bowls; one for 28 mm normal PCO cap and also sport cap.
One feeding Bowl for 32 mm cap.

Height adjustment is motorized.

Capper has various capping heads for different caps.
Capper has magnetic torque adjustment.
Height adjustment is manual.

Whole machine has one Synchronous motor that drives all 3 functions and is adjusted by an inverter.
Conveyor belt that goes all the way thru the machine has its own variable motor.

With 500 ml of tooling is packed up to 1400-1500 bottles in an hour.

Machine has been connected to CIP tanks; rinsing, lye cleaning, intermediate rinsing and sterile rinse is cleaning cycle.

Labeller Enos Speedy for round bottles with a capacity of 1500 labels in an hour.

Buffer tank with a capacity of 6200 liters.
Has a large manhole at the lower part of the tank and CIP spray balls.

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