Neostarpack LR 1000 label machine Neostarpack LR 1000 etikettikone


Neostarpack LR 1000 Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine/ tabletop round bottle Labeler

The LR1100 Tabletop Round Bottle Labeler is used for labeling all sizes of round bottles and upright cylindrical products.
The label is wrapped around the bottle with a full circle, 2/3 circle, and half circle.

Label applicator motor: stepping motor
Labeling speed: 10m/min
Capability: 20~40pcs/min (subject to actual label size and product)
Labeling accuracy: +/- 1mm
Bottle size: (Dia)16mm-100mm;(H)30-160mm
Label size: (L) 10~310 mm; (W) 10~100 mm
Label roll: (ID) 75mm ; (OD) 300mm
Power Supply: 110v or 220 VAC; 50/60Hz; single phase
Dimension: (L) 1010mm (W)845mm (H)445mm

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