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The Eillert G-1500 vegetable slicer has been developed for medium-capacity production, especially for vegetable processors.

G-1500 is suitable for processing vegetables and producing smaller batches separated from the line, for example in salad factories.
The device is used to make complete slices of leafy vegetables such as lettuce, as well as long products such as leeks, Chinese cabbage, beans, etc.

The G-1500 slicing machine has a capacity of about 300 to 800 kg / h, depending on the cut and the product.
The cutting possibilities of the device are cubes, slices, sticks and segments and it is suitable for use, for example, for leafy vegetables,
leeks, carrots, peppers and various cabbages, as well as several different fruits.

Capacity: 100 - 600 kg / h depending on the cut and the product.
Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase + PE + PN, 1.25 kW
Cutting size: 1-50 mm

Belts must be replaced

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