Blipack skinpack machine Blipack Blimatic 500 / 700

Automatic skinpack machine

Skin Packing technology – guarantee an excellent and transparent ” skin ” to protect products of all kinds.
This ensures risk-free storage, safe transport and a good sales presentation.

This skinpack and blister forming machine automativally and exactly reproducible all entered programs are processed.

Goods of all kinds such as steel goods, tools, fittings, toys, wooden goods, gift items, spare parts, etc. are packaged economically in high cycles.

The working format 500 x 700 mm is ideal for packaging larger parts.

The heating is then activated when it is effectively needed. During the assembly time, the machine is in stand-by.
The use of the heater can be adjusted to the second.

Manufacturer: Blipack AG (Switzerland)
Type: Blimatic 500/700
Working area: 500 mm x 700 mm
Max product height: 140 mm
Electricity: 400 v., 50 Hz
Dimensions: W 2100 mm x W 2100 mm x H 1400 mm
Weight: 450 kg


No unnecessary kilowatt hours

Reduction of power consumption -90%

No heating up of the working environment

"Just in time" no waiting time at the start of work

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