Company info

Konepankki.Com is a Finnish company which is trading used industrial process
and packaging machines and equipments.
Konepankki.Com sell, buy and forward used machines.

Konepankki.Com was established in 1995 and we are located in Lahti Finland.
Our warehouse is locaed in Lahti Finland.

Here are some examples of our wide product range,
which we sell, buy and forward.

- Food process equipments
- Pharmaceutical machines and equipments
- Material handling and warehouse equipments
- Packaging machines and equipment
- Vessels, tanks
- Printing equipments
- Plastics equipments
- Electronic equipments
- Metal working machines
- Textile machines
- And so on

In our web site you can find the machines, which are in the stock
at the moment. We can also provide you " machine list "of our clients machines and
devices. You are not nececcary able to find all these machines in the our web site.

If you are buying or selling some machines or device, do not hesitate to contact
us. We do our best to help you with your machine business.

Please contact us +358 505010387 / e-mail: